History and Profile of the Programme


Our Department graduated its first students in 2011. Although it is a new department, the quotas are filled at registration period and the number of quotas increases every year. Our permanent staffs are currently activ and in order to compete with the other translation departments in Turkey, our department can be able to get new members and lecturers due to the increase of the nember of students. And so as the Department of Translation & Interpreting Studies in German we are facilitating our students to take lessons especially from teachers whose mother language German is.

Profile of the Programme

Our program is designed to be completed in 4 years consisting of 8 semesters. There is also a compulsory German Preparatory Language program, which is not included in the total number of years required for graduation. Those who complete this course successfully register directly for the first year of their program. In 1. and 2. semesters general language structures of German language are taught, skills in speaking and writing are developed and basic lessons at translation and interpreting are given. In 3. and 4. semesters specific language structures of German language are handled by comparing with the structureof Türkish language. Theory and Principles of Translation Studies are taught theoretically. At Introduction to Translation and Interpreting courses the students translate written and oral. The students are made familiar with the culture and mentality of the German language In 5. and 6. semesters technical details of previous year’s course are taught. With elective courses expertise area of students is set. Our students learn to make computer-aided translation and with concerning courses and help of Internet In 7. and 8. semesters It is awaited from students to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in Tanslation Project and Research course. During 4 year and 8 semesters our students learn English compulsory. From the 2. year elective foreign language (French and Spanish) are taught . It is aimed with this way to educate threelingual tranlators and interpreters.

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