The Department’s first purpose is to train translators and interpreters who are intellectual, cultured, qualified and sophisticated individuals in accordance with the necessities of the profession. The second goal is to prepare language specialists who can translate or interpret in such fields as business, economics, finance, medicine and law.  Bilateral agreements with foreign institutions of higher learning provide our students with opportunities to perfect their German abroad and expand their cosmopolitan horizons.  Our department is proud to sponsor successful students for the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) scholarships and similar opportunities.  What’s more, we maintain double major undergraduate programs with other departments in the Marmara University.

      A student taking a prestigious undergraduate degree in German Translation and Interpretation from Marmara University is expected to complete the program not only with superior knowledge of both German and Turkish languages, but also should display keen interest in cultural affairs and a capacity to conduct research. Auxiliary courses in English, Spanish and French oblige students to add a third language to their credentials.


Graduate Profile                                                                                          

  • Able to translate and interpret two languages very well with additional competence in a third language
  • Prepared to play an active roll as intermediary between languages and cultures
  • Capable of solving problems between the source language and culture
  •  Specialized in a specific subject such as medicine or law, with high level preparation in other areas   
  • Trained for research and ready to use acquired knowledge properly to advance the profession


Our Department provides its students the opportunity to study abroad according to bilateral university agreements within the frame work of LLP (Erasmus). Besides, students who fulfill the required conditions can enroll in double major or minor programs and thus obtain a second degree in German Language and Literature and/or Translation & Interpreting Studies (French). Each student may benefit from a second language (English), a third language French/Spanish acquisition and has the opportunity to become a tri-lingual translator at the end of the education period. We support successful students by informing them about scholarship positions of DAAD and similar institutions. Necessary education and reference will be given to students who are graduated from our depatment for them to work in TRT, Ministry of foreign affairs, embassy, cultur and tourism ministry, Ministry of Industry and Trade, companies, foreign television channels and in publishing houses. During the license education, conferences and seminars are organized for benefit of the students and with German-Language Literature and German Teacher Department cooperated. Our department provided the SDL Trados translation program which is very essential equipment for all translation departments. Also our department has supplied for students interpretation cabinet in Faculty of Literature and Science. The lecturers, who translates simultenously are experts in their fields translates and they convey their knowledge and experience to students.


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